Make The Most Of Your Space With A Cantilever Sliding Gate

Cantilever Sliding Gate Securing a property or private area and making sure it is safe is essential, especially if it contains valuable items. However, this can be difficult if you are short on space. Electrical gates are often bulky and require a lot of space to be able to open and close.

A great solution to this is a cantilever sliding gate, which does not need as much space as it slides to one side rather than swinging open. Read on to find out more about the benefits of a space-saving cantilever sliding gate.

How does a cantilever gate work?

Sliding gates are fitted with a motor and run horizontally along a track that is fitted at an entrance or exit of a secure area and is typically twice the width of the gate so that the gate can slide along the track until it is completely out of the way.

Cantilever gates have a built-in self-locking feature which means that you can choose to keep the gates open or closed for a duration if you wish.

The machinery involved with cantilever sliding gates can be housed within a tamper-proof box to provide additional peace of mind. This can help to prevent people with malicious intent from having access to it and tampering with it.

Cantilever vs standard sliding gate

Cantilever gates are typically quieter and smoother than a standard sliding gate. This is because, unlike a standard sliding gate, cantilever gates are suspended above the floor using a counterbalance so there are no rollers or wheels touching the ground.

This also means that they can be installed on uneven surfaces, such as gravel or sloping driveways, where it would be difficult to have any other type of gate.

Cantilever gates for driveways

Cantilever gates are often installed on driveways to secure vehicles and homes. As well as providing homeowners with peace of mind by offering additional security, they are quieter and more aesthetically pleasing than other alternatives, which is desirable in a residential area.

As sliding gates require a significantly smaller clearance for opening, it is much easier to get vehicles in and out and allows for more space for parking on the drive.

Here at Gateway Automation, we offer robust steel or aluminium cantilever sliding gates, which are tailor-made to your requirements in a variety of colours and sizes, and with a range of access control options, and an optional touch screen.

All of our powered gates are equipped with class-leading safety systems as standard. Our cantilever sliding gates are reliable and almost silent in operation.

We offer a wide range of gate infills, including vertical tube, weldmesh, palisade, and timber cladding. We can even provide sheet steel with your logo cut out.

If you are considering cantilever gates for your property, contact Gateway Automation for a free, no-obligation quote and feasibility survey. Call us on 01522 682255, or email

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