Aluminium Cantilever Sliding Gate


CE Approved BS/EN 12453

Maximum Span

10 metres Drive-Through

Maximum Height

2.4 metres (max. width 10.0m)
3.0 metres (max. width 8.0m)


Zinc plated and polyester powder coated

Power Requirement

SINGLE Phase 230v, 50Hz, 5 Amps

Drive Motor

0.55KW’s 3 Phase

Duty Cycles

100% Continuous Duty Rating


Rack & Pinion


All RAL Colours Available


Introducing our GA9000 Aluminium Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gate – the perfect example of safety, and compliance in automated gate systems regulations.

The GA9000 Aluminium Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gate complies with BS/EN 12453 (the current legislation ALL automated gates must comply with). As standard, we fit several safety devices to ensure optimal security. The gate portal is fitted with dual height photocells and 6 Category 3 monitored live safety edges.

Key Features


The automatic cantilever sliding gate is efficiently managed by a purpose-made controller designed for single-phase supply. The controller utilises an inverter-controlled output connected to a robust 3-phase motor.

Program Modes

Easily configurable for various standard program modes, including no-passage time-outs, free exit, and entry loops. The flexibility in programming ensures seamless integration with different operational requirements.

Control Panel Features

As standard, the control panel accommodates pedestrian open signals, airlock systems, and more. This user-friendly interface enhances the gate’s adaptability to diverse access needs.

Movement Precision

The gate’s movement is precisely monitored through a rack & pinion system, which is further controlled by an encoder. This ensures a highly accurate, robust, and dependable operation.

Easy Assembly

The best feature of our gates is that they are fully assembled ready to bolt down and as soon as they are commissioned. This minimises disruption on site and leaves a beautifully finished product that will serve for many years.


The gates are constructed from hi-grade aluminium which is extremely rigid and will not rust for many years to come. As one of the lightest metals available, these automatic aluminium cantilever sliding gates combine durability with a lightweight design, ensuring longevity and ease of installation and operation.

Optional Extras

  • Razor Wire Extensions
  • Electric Fence
  • Anti-Climb Spikes
  • Traffic Lights
  • Warning Siren
  • Timber Infills
  • Louvre Infills

Options for access control

  • Keypad
  • Proximity Cards
  • Photo Cells
  • Voice/Video Intercom Access
  • Token Acceptors
  • Remote Control Fobs
  • Key Switch
  • Loop Detectors