Bi Folding Anti-Terrorism Gate

Key Features

  • Eagle Fibre Technology
  • The worlds widest Cantilever Gate tested at 8m clear opening and 50mph
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Standard operating speed 250mm/sec
  • Heavy duty cantilever rolling gear
  • High quality bearings and rollers


PAS68 Classification

PAS68 Rating: Crash Tested to 7.5T (N2) @ 40 mph (64kph)
PAS68:2010 V/7500[N2]/64/90:5.6/10.1


PAS68 Rating: Crash Tested to 7.5T (N3) @ 50 mph (80kph)
PAS68:2010 V/7500[N3]/80/90:1.6/5.4


The gate is powered by an electric motor with a hydraulic locking pin. Typical operating times are 35 sec seconds for an 8m opening (250mm/sec).