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Video Surveillance vs Intrusion Detection: Selecting The Right Perimeter Solution

When it comes to protecting your business, there are lots of different options to choose from and it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS) are a visible deterrent to keep potential intruders out, as well as allowing for the early detection of a possible attack. Here are a few factors to consider when installing a perimeter solutions:
  1. Mounting position
If you opt for a free-standing system, will this operate over the surfaces you have within your site? Or do you need to mount the detection system up high so that you can maintain a clear view of any entrances or exits?
  1. Ground undulations
Undulations can shield the presence of an intruder from some detection technologies, particularly those that use infrared or microwaves. It is worth bearing this in mind when you choose your detection system.
  1. Surface objects
As well as undulations in the ground, electromagnetic systems can also be affected by conduction bodies (such as metal), that are both above and below the ground. Metallic fences, vehicle access and flowing water can all become obtrusions for certain types of perimeter detection systems.
  1. Zone lengths
Long zone lengths can make it hard to identify the cause of an alarm and locate an intrusion. Some perimeter solutions provide positional information on the intrusion location, but sometimes it is worth having CCTV in the zones that can’t be detected. Tests should be performed at the end of every zone to ensure cameras overlap sufficiently.
  1. Site expansion
When choosing a perimeter security solution it is worth considering whether the site will be expanding in the future. Will you need to install bigger or longer cables if this is the case, as it would be easier to add them in at the beginning of the process.

Video Surveillance

Strategically placed video cameras allow security teams to monitor vulnerable areas within a business, recording and storing footage so it can be replayed back. When installing cameras you should always position them so they cover the widest possible area. There are also panoramic security cameras which rotate 360 degrees for full coverage. If you opt for video surveillance, make sure the equipment can capture images both during the day and at night time too. Clear images are essential when it comes to gathering evidence during a break-in. Thermal cameras are capable of producing images when visibility and light are poor.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) both identify and respond to unauthorised access within a physical perimeter. These are often used where sites have an increased need for a more sophisticated perimeter security system, or where threat levels are regularly changing. IDS use infrared sensors and vibration detectors to identify any movement within a site, and can even pick up on the smallest vibrations when an intruder tries to cut through a fence. Sensors can be attached to a wall or fence, or even concealed underground if you want to keep them hidden from intruders. Once movement is detected, the sensors can trigger a series of reactions:
  • Send an alarm to your security guards or an alarm monitoring system
  • Triggering bright security spotlights to turn on
  • Initiate a siren alarm or trigger an audible warning

Choosing The Right Perimeter Solution

When it comes to choosing between video surveillance and intrusion detection, they both offer different benefits. Video surveillance focuses on visual monitoring and recording, whereas intrusion detection is more about detecting unauthorised access. Intrusion detection systems create a more automated response, unlike video surveillance where human intervention is required. Consider the individual security needs of your business before making the decision. If you need to monitor physical spaces, video surveillance may be a better option, but if you are safeguarding digital assets, for example, intrusion detection systems are better. For professional advice and support with reviewing and upgrading your security systems, get in touch with our team of experts at Gateway Automation on 01522 682255, or email, for professional help and advice.
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