Security tips for a safe Christmas

Security Tips For A Safe Christmas

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration. However, with a spike in crimes such as break-ins and theft around Christmas, it can also be a worrying time.

Many businesses experience changes over the holiday period that can leave them more vulnerable and at-risk of being targeted by criminals than at any other time of year.

Warehouses may have more stock than usual, retail businesses typically experience an increase in foot traffic, manufacturing businesses are often left vacant, and some businesses hire seasonal staff. All of these changes come with added security risks.

It is important that businesses take the time to review and adapt their security measures ahead of the holiday season. Here are some security tips to help ensure your business is a safe and secure environment for employees, customers and assets this Christmas.

Surveillance cameras

Installing both visible and discreet surveillance cameras both inside and outside your business premises will help to deter potential criminals as well as providing valuable evidence in the event that an incident does occur.

Intruder alarms

Alarm systems can act as a visual deterrent as well as an audible one. They can be set up to sound an alarm when someone accesses a property or area without authorisation, alerting personnel and drawing attention to them.

Secure windows and doors

All doors and windows should be equipped with secure locks. You can further enhance security by applying security film or installing security grilles or shutters which will make it harder for potential intruders to gain entry.

Access control systems

Access to sensitive areas should be restricted using access control systems which utilise a code, fob or card, for example, to ensure only authorised personnel can gain entry. This is particularly important in premises which have a lot of visitors or customers.


Adequate lighting can be effective in deterring unlawful activity as well-lit areas will discourage criminals out of fear of being seen. If you do not wish to have lights on all the time, consider installing motion-activated lighting around the exterior of your business.

Secure valuables

Ensure all cash, valuable merchandise, and confidential information is securely locked away when your business is closed. This will help to ensure that even if there are intruders, it will be difficult for them to obtain anything of value before security personnel or the police arrive.

Employee training

Your employees play a vital role in ensuring your business is secure. Ensure that existing staff and any seasonal hires are trained in how to recognise and report suspicious behaviour or individuals, and are aware of how to deal with incidents if they do occur.

Inventory reviews

You should regularly review your inventory and financial records to identify discrepancies or irregularities. This can help you spot any potential security threats, employee misconduct, or other criminal activity.

By implementing these security measures, your business can enjoy a safe and worry-free holiday season. Staying vigilant and continually adapting your security plan can help protect your assets, employees, and customers not only at Christmas but for years to come.

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