The Dangers Of Tailgating And How To Avoid It


Tailgating, also referred to as piggybacking, is a security breach that occurs when an unathorised person gains access to a secure area by following a person through a door, barrier, or gate, without the required authorisation, pass, or ticket to permit them to do so.

Although this can sometimes happen accidentally, it is often intentional. Many people tailgate to get into a secure area, which can be a serious security risk if they are accessing sensitive areas or information. Tailgating can also result in financial losses, if people are required to purchase a ticket to gain entry or to travel, such as at a museum or a train station.

Therefore, to protect your business, data, and personnel, you must have measures in place to prevent tailgating. Here we explore some of how you can avoid tailgating and the dangers that come along with it.


Employees should be trained on what to do in the event of a security breach and how to prevent it from occurring.

Advise them not to allow people into an area without seeing the required identification or pass, and to look behind them when passing through a secure door, gate, or barrier to ensure no one is following them, and to ensure that it has closed properly.


Making it a requirement for all employees or other permitted personnel to wear identification badges or other visible markers will make it easier to spot unauthorised personnel.

Advise staff to look out for anyone who does not appear to have an identification badge or marker, and to either query them or report them to security officers or management.


Having security cameras at entrances and exits can allow you to monitor who is coming and going from a building or area. As well as providing you with visuals, CCTV and signage can also act as a visual deterrent to potential trespassers.


Various types of barriers can be set up to sound an alarm when tailgating occurs, as it detects when more than one person enters at a time.

Alarms serve as a warning to intruders, as well as alerting security officers to the intrusion so that they can take action. They also alert other personnel so that they know to be vigilant or to evacuate, depending on your protocol.

Access control

Turnstiles, barriers, doors, and gates paired with access control systems can help to restrict and monitor entry into your site, building, and specific areas. Authorised personnel can be given codes, passes, or tickets to allow them in, and to keep unauthorised personnel out.

Security audits

Conducting regular security audits can help you to identify and address potential tailgating risks. Check that all security systems are working as they should and that doors, gates, and barriers close promptly to decrease the possibility of tailgating.

Tailgating is a preventable security risk, providing you have the appropriate measures in place. For professional help and advice with effectively securing your business premises, get in touch with our team of experts at Gateway Automation on 01522 682255, or email info@gatewayautomation.co.uk.

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