Security solutions for golf clubs

Security solutions for golf clubs

Golf club security is imperative to making people feel safe and protecting your site’s assets. However, it is also important that you maintain a relaxing and welcoming environment for members and visitors. Hence the need for a more covert security approach with strategically placed measures. Secure your golf club with these security solutions.


When it comes to securing the perimeter, you need to take the environment and aesthetics into consideration. Golfers typically do not want to feel penned in or restricted. Instead of fencing off the entire perimeter of the grounds, focus on the most vulnerable areas, such as those uncovered or unsupervised, situated along roads or with easy access.

Ensure that any fencing is fit for purpose. Opt for anti-climb fencing with tamper-proof fixings and a long guarantee. Although the initial investment may be higher than alternatives, the lifetime cost of high-quality fencing is likely to be lower as it will not need to be repaired or replaced as often.

Timber fencing is a good option for golf clubs as it is more natural looking than steel fencing. Timber acoustic fencing also has the added benefit of reducing noise.

Security barriers

Drop-arm barriers should be installed at car park entry and exit points. Security barriers can be used to control entry and monitor numbers and monetise the car park if you wish.

You can provide authorised personnel with fobs or cards to allow them access and have an intercom system in place for visitors.

This will help in controlling and monitoring who is coming and going, as well as preventing vehicles from entering the car park when the golf club is closed.

Tokens or tickets could be supplied by the golf club and required to exit the car park. This will prevent people who are not using the facilities from parking in your car park.

Access control

Access control systems can help to reduce the risk of unauthorised access and theft. Access control is key in ensuring the security and safety of your club, personnel, and equipment.

Access can be controlled in a variety of ways, such as with a keypad and pin code, access pass, fob, intercom system, or fingerprint scanner. You can set up access control systems which only permit people into certain areas.


Having CCTV cameras and surveillance offers peace of mind to staff and visitors. CCTV footage can also provide business protection in the case of an incident, and cameras and signage can help to deter negative or illegal behaviour.

When selecting CCTV, you should look for cameras with panoramic views so there are no blind spots, and tamper detection to protect against vandalism. Cameras should ideally also have night vision, intruder detection, auto-tracking and infrared.

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