How To Effectively Control Pedestrian Flow In A Commercial Space

pedestrian control When reviewing the security and health and safety in a commercial space, it is important to think about pedestrian flow and how this will be controlled, especially if it is a busy property or area.

Poor control can lead to long queues, crowded areas, and even accidents, as well as negatively affecting the efficiency in the workplace. However, it can be difficult to keep track of everyone that passes through.

There are several solutions available to help you monitor and control the number of people that come through the doors or enter a space, whether on foot or by car. Read on to find out how to effectively control pedestrian flow in a commercial space.


Ideal for controlling pedestrian flow, a turnstile is a form of gate designed to only allow one person to pass at a time, and can be configured to only allow people to pass through one way or both ways, depending on your requirements.

Turnstiles are very effective in controlling the entry and exit of people into an area or building, and in controlling the amount of people permitted to enter. They can count the number of people that have gone in and out to establish whether the area is at capacity.

There are turnstiles which will only allow people in with a coin, ticket, pass or other payment method. This is ideal for restricting access to members of staff only, for example.

Access control

If you have a parking area, you should begin monitoring people that enter and exit your commercial space before they even enter the building.

Implementing effective barrier systems in your car park will help you to keep track of who is entering your commercial space.

Cantilever sliding gates or access control barriers, along with an access control post, will prevent unauthorised vehicle access. The physical barrier will prevent them from entering without a code, access card, or permission via intercom, for example.

Alternatively, you can set up the gates or barriers to be open at certain times during the day to prevent access during certain hours or days.


A versatile solution used to effectively control pedestrian flow, bollards can be used to signal the perimeter of a commercial space, or to mark out clear routes for pedestrians, without fully closing an area off.

Bollards can also be installed to keep vehicles away from pedestrian areas, or in spaces where you do not want people to park.

With a wide range of bollards available, including telescopic, wooden and concrete bollards, there will be a solution to suit your requirements and aesthetics.

If you have or are considering installing bollards in your commercial space, check out our guide to bollard maintenance.

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