Our Guide to the NEW POD Turnstiles

Our Guide to the NEW POD Turnstiles

Turnstiles make up one of the most tried and trusted forms of perimeter security available on the market. Used by venues and businesses in a wide plethora of industries, turnstiles help business operators to maintain control over entry to their facilities in an efficent manner.

Where turnstiles have been adopted in sporting and music venues, data centres and government facilities they have almost always represented excellent value for money. Assisting operators to manage peak flows of traffic, they reduce the need for manned guards and reduce the liklihood of unathorised access through tailgating or piggybacking.

As technology has advanced, turnstiles have begun to become more advanced and even more effective in what they can offer to business owners. The latest being the creation of POD turnstiles.

What is a POD turnstile?

The POD turnstile is the coming together of a traditional turnstile operation with high-tech access control measures such as facial recognition and cloud based computing.

Designed to offer a secure, easy to deploy and easily moveable access control unit – it is already being rolled out in environments as diverse as the construction industry, to warehouses, airports, colleges, medial facilities and even music festivals.

How does it work?

The POD turnstile utilises facial recognition to grant access to a particular site. By using expertly developed algorithimic software, it can easily decipher the credentials of a visitor and either permit or prevent access to your property.

Using visual cues, it is able to understand ethnicity, facial changes such as beards, glasses, or signs of ageing and correctly grant access to employees, customers or general members of the public.

It can be used as a form of time stamping for providing accurate details of attendance for your payroll, log entrance of contractors, or used in more public facing environments.

Equally, POD turnstiles can be used as an internal measure to restrict access to sensitive areas of your site that are off limits to unapproved visitors or staff members.

Gateway’s POD turnstile offering

Here at Gateway, we are proud to be able to offer POD turnstiles that can be installed ready to go with a firm base and a power supply available in 24v, 110v or 240v.

Designed for heavy industrial usage, they are built to last with galvanised steel frames and powder coated cladding. Our POD turnstile is designed to be autonomous with hands free operation, but remains user friendly with passage indicator lights, a fire alarm, emergeny break glass and audible sounder.

Our POD turnstile’s can be equipped for a wide variety of uses including enforcement of legal compliance and the tracking of time and attendance of employees or contractors. Our system is customisable but comes ready to go with standard reporting sets available.

Whether your business runs from small retail premises or a large industrial site, Gateway Automation can help you to make the most of new technology such as the POD turnstile. We provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation and feasibility survey to assess your perimeter security equipment. We also offer a nationwide reactive call-out service to deal with any equipment issues and are proud to be Gate Safe accredited. Please contact us on 01522 682255 for more information.

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