The Importance of maintaining perimeter security systems

The Importance of maintaining perimeter security

“A chain is no stronger than its weakest link”. We can learn much from old proverbs and sayings. This particular literary mechanic demonstrates a subtle idea that rings true in many environments, but particularly so in the world of perimeter security.

When preparing your site against the risk of criminal activity, it is important to take a holistic approach whenever possible. Relying too heavily on one particular tool, or dismissing the need for upkeep and maintenance are two very risky – but all-too-common mistakes that businesses make.

Modern technology has revolutionised the way that modern businesses operate. AI, and expensive camera equipment, are now a common sight at premises up and down the country, looking to protect their goods. Yet, as technology develops so does the sophistication of criminals, and the techniques that they employ. Machine learning is developed in a narrow field, and this often lacks the nuances required to offer adept protection.

The same can be said for established forms of security such as CCTV. Cameras can be a strong deterrent but they aren’t entirely foolproof. If a criminal can mask their identity or is confident that they can make a quick getaway then CCTV alone is unlikely to prevent trouble.

This is not to say that technology is not able to assist perimeter security measures at all. Access control equipment, for example, can be used to enhance a great many of the tried and tested tools like gates, barriers, and turnstiles. However, businesses must adopt an approach that looks at vulnerabilities across the board, rather than in just one area.

Maintenance and repair

Procuring the right systems is the first step to resting easier at night, but just as much effort should be put towards maintenance and repair needs.

All things degrade over time and with the impact of high traffic, usage, exposure to the elements, you do not want to be caught short. For example key, external measures like gates and barriers can attract grease, grit, and dirt, as well as other debris.

You can slow down natural degradation through regular maintenance and upkeep. This means putting into place cleaning measures and plans to check your security tools for any issues, but also knowing when to call for support from experts.

Act Quickly

Equally, your perimeter security measures may be impacted by criminals themselves – perhaps in a failed attempt to gain access to your site. When this happens, you should be able to act quickly to have your defences restored, and avoid a time where you may be unprotected and criminals may try once more to take advantage of gaps in your coverage.

Here at Gateway, we offer a nationwide reactive callout service to offer quality servicing and repairs for gates, barriers, and other perimeter security equipment. We also provide free, no-obligation quotations and feasibility surveys to find the best solution to your security needs.

For more information please visit our website or call us on 01522 682 255.

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