5 Key things to ensure end to end perimeter security

perimeter security

The security of your site is only as strong as its weakest element. And an organisation that relies too heavily on one individual component should do so at their own peril. Businesses should not overlook the importance of a robust, multi-layered perimeter security solution when establishing their defences against criminal threats. Here are five ways they can ensure end to end perimeter protection moving forward.

1 – Begin with a risk assessment

To combat vulnerabilities you need to work with the facts, not rely on gut instincts or guesswork. Too many organisations follow market trends, or simply copy competitors to create their site protection plans. However, without undertaking a proper risk assessment, it’s likely that you will choose the wrong products, for the wrong price, and will leave innumerable holes in your strategy that leaves you vulnerable. A professional perimeter security company should be able to take into account the nature of both your business and your premises in order to defend your infrastructure – as no business is the same.

2 – Securing entry and exit points

Securing your boundaries is imperative in true end-to-end coverage. Rather than relying on CCTV or alarm systems to alert you of threats or simply document them, your plan should enable you to rely on physical tools that will prevent unauthorised access in the first place. This can be achieved through several tools from gates, and barriers, to road blockers and bollards.

3 – Responding to threats

With dwindling local police budgets it would be unwise to rely solely on local services to respond to instances of crime on your business site. While the police are a valuable asset to our communities, it is important that you can have measures in place to respond to threats in a safe manner yourself. For instance, two-way intercom systems can allow you to make audio/visual contact with an unwanted visitor and engage them in conversation. For instance, a group of vandals may be told that the authorities have been notified, which may be enough to move them on their way.

4 – Deter and delay

It is well-known that criminals are often opportunistic in nature. With this in mind, it is plain to see that businesses that neglect the basics of perimeter security can quickly land themselves in hot water. A premises that employs strong tools like gates and barriers or even turnstiles are less likely to be chosen as a ‘soft target’ by a criminal gang. They will see that both their attempt to gain entry, and subsequently leave quickly will be hampered, and so will likely move their targets elsewhere.

5 – Maintenance is vital

Building strong defences is not just about choosing new equipment – it’s also about maintaining what you already have. Tools that are rarely inspected are primed for degradation, wear and tear, and damage from the elements. If these problems are spotted quickly, through programmes of scheduled maintenance, then you can be sure that you have full coverage. This is a far more sensible approach than only discovering problems after an incident has occurred.

Whether your business runs from small retail premises or a large industrial site, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation risk assessment, feasibility survey and quotation to assess your perimeter security requirements. We also provide a nationwide reactive callout service with engineer response times of 8 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours and 7 days which means that any problems can be dealt with quickly.

For more information or for further advice on how to protect your business premises from criminals, please contact us here.

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