How turnstiles can benefit your business

A great way to improve the security of your business is by using turnstiles. These are available in a range of options to suit your needs. Turnstiles not only allow control over access to a building, but they also improve security and will act as a deterrent. They can be easily adapted to suit your business needs as well. They are able to include a range of credential verifiers including fingerprint recognition and proximity device readers which allow you to be in full control of who enters your premises.

Turnstiles are much more efficient and effective compared to using doors, even if they are secure. The main reason is because of the risk of “tailgating”. With a secure door, even though users will need to be authorised to open the door, once it is open there is no way of controlling how long the door consequently stays open for or how many people are let through. Obviously, the use of CCTV will help monitor this, however it cannot stop it from happening in the first place. Using turnstiles means only one authorised person can enter at a time, eliminating the possibility of tailgating occurring. With doors, there is also no way of controlling the direction. Even if a door is deemed an exit, once the door is open, there is limited control over how many people use it as an entrance point instead and vice versa.

Who uses turnstiles?
Turnstiles are commonly used at (but not limited to):

–    Schools, colleges and universities
–    Gyms
–    Football grounds and sports stadiums
–    Train stations
–    Theme parks
–    Manufacturing facilities
–    Military bases
–    Apartment buildings
–    Hotels

What types are there? 

Waist Height
These turnstiles usually consist of a barrier with three arms, installed at waist height which allows access to one person at a time and rotates round.

Mainly used for: Indoor locations including arenas and universities but also train stations and theme parks. They allow for smooth entry which can help with large crowd control. The only disadvantages to consider are the higher risk of people trying to jump over the turnstile and also the need to have an additional gate installed next to it to allow access for disabled users. Both of these however are easily combatted by still having manned security available.

Full Height
Full height turnstiles go from the floor to the top of the turnstile and act similar to a revolving door, allowing only one person at a time.

Mainly used for: Outdoor use where higher security is necessary, especially if there is no manned security available.

They are the best option for perimeter control; however, you will have to ensure that all the rest of the perimeter is secure with additional fencing. Full height barriers are bulky so you need to think if your location is suitable. You will also still need an additional entry point for disabled access.

What to consider before choosing

All of the following factors will change which type of turnstile is best for you

–    Location – is the area you need securing outdoors or indoors?
–    What are you using it for?
–    Will there be manned security as well?
–    What is your budget?
–    What features are necessary?
–    Aesthetics features – will they fit in and still look nice?

Advantages to having them 

–    Some turnstiles have the ability to monitor forced entry attempts
–    Reduces the need for manned security. If you also have manned security, their time will be better spent overseeing and dealing with any problems, rather than individually checking everyone’s credentials.
–    They will last. Even with consistent use, they will continue to perform over long periods of time.
–    Limited need for maintenance – because the majority are produced from stainless steel, the quality of the turnstiles means the need for maintenance is unlikely
–    Reassures both the business owners that only authorised personnel are able to enter, but also reassures all employees that they are working in a safe environment
–    Turnstiles act as a deterrent.  Just knowing a place has the extra security turnstiles bring can stop potential unauthorised personnel even attempting to enter
–    Makes entry and exiting a smooth and quick process
–    Turnstiles can go in one direction or two. You could time it so that it only worked as an entrance in the morning, and as only an exit in the evening
–    They are robust, sturdy and reliable

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