How to keep schools safe and secure with access control equipment

How to keep schools safeSchools are very busy environments with lots of pedestrian and vehicular traffic throughout the day, something which presents a challenge in terms of security. How can schools ensure that their sites remain safe from crime and under control with so much activity? Here we look at the role that access control equipment can play.

According to Ofsted guidelines, schools are required to provide a safe and secure environment for children to reside in. This means that it is essential for schools to find ways to secure the entry points of their sites. Whether this is achieved through access control equipment like intercoms, keypads, cards or fobs, or by installing a turnstile system allowing staff to check credentials, it should be high on the agenda when looking at how to meet their expected requirements.

It’s not only their pupils that schools are obliged to find ways to protect, either. Many schools today hold lots of important confidential information as well as highly valuable equipment such as computers, printers, photocopiers, TV’s, medical supplies and much more. The relatively low-key attitude that many schools have taken in the past to site security means that walk-in-thieves and trespassers view them as easy targets. Access control equipment strategically placed can help to shut down access in certain areas where high value equipment is stored, making it more difficult to access, at least for those who are unauthorized to do so.

Many businesses and organizations turn to us for access control equipment as a means of recording attendance, both among staff and among pupils. By installing fobs or key card systems at strategic points through a school you can ensure that you have up to date records of who is on your site and when they arrive and leave. This is a proven way to not only reduce absenteeism and truancy but also to help with fire safety guidelines.

Access control equipment may be a relatively new concept for schools, however in uncertain times, it can provide pupils, staff and parents peace of mind that no unauthorized visitors are making their way onto the site to cause harm.

Gateway Automation provides a range of products including access control equipment to help businesses and individuals secure their sites against crime. We also provide nationwide servicing and repairs to gates, barriers and other perimeter security equipment. To find out more please call us on 01522 682255.

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