How to plan for the worst: What major threats do businesses in the UK face?

how to plan for the worst - what major threats do businesses in the uk face todayEvery successful business has been through testing times at some point along the way. However, what separates the businesses that thrive from the ones that fail is their ability to plan for the worst. Here we will look at some of the most common, and devastating, threats to businesses in the UK and how you can protect against them.

1 – Cyber Crime
It seems we can’t go more than a couple of weeks without news of a high-profile business falling victim to cybercrime, losing data or being extorted. Whether public organizations like the NHS, private companies or individuals, everyone is a target when it comes to cybercrime. Threats like ransomware, keyloggers and other malware mean that it is more important than ever to take internet security seriously and avoid falling victim to gangs of cyber criminals.

2 – Internal Crime
Another threat that businesses sometimes face is that of their own employees. Whether through the theft of data, or assets such as vehicles, computer equipment, technology, cash or high value products like petrol, there are a great number of ways that businesses can be duped by their own. One way that businesses can protect themselves is to consider securing high value equipment, cash and other assets in areas that are protected with access control equipment.

3 – Tech failures
Businesses increasingly rely on computer technology or other machines to go about their business. If your business relies heavily on equipment, then you need to consider carefully what you would do if that equipment is compromised. Is your data backed up? Do you have contingency plans in place if equipment fails? A business continuity and recovery plan can help you to plan for this type of scenario.

4 – Natural disasters and damage to infrastructure
Floods and storms are two potential disasters which can affect businesses in the UK, as well as heavy weather conditions such as snow. If you are in a high-risk flood area, then you should already have some measures in place to protect against water damage. However, in some cases bad weather can come from nowhere and in areas which are not typically at risk. You could also fall victim to unexpected internal damage such as burst pipes and electrical fires. The solution here is to be prepared with a continuity and recovery plan.

5 – External crime
By far the biggest threat to businesses in the UK is that of external crime from people outside of their organization. Crime against businesses has spiked in recent years and many have fallen target to devastating crimes like criminal damage, arson, shoplifting, and burglaries. It has affected a wide range of industries too targeting everyone from retail, hotel and leisure facilities to banking, commercial, transport, distribution, warehousing and universities, colleges and schools.

Here at Gateway we have worked with countless businesses to help reduce the threat of crime against their premises. We use risk assessments to calculate exactly where a business may be lacking in their security efforts and make sensible recommendations on where to improve – whether through barriers, bollards, gates, turnstiles, access control equipment, or something else entirely, we only implement the very best solutions. We also provide nationwide servicing and repairs to security equipment. To find out more please call us on 01522 682255.

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