How access control can help keep hospitals secure

how access control can help keep hospitals secureHospitals – both private and public, offer unique challenges when it comes to security. Whilst maintaining a welcoming nature and easy access for patients and staff they simultaneously need to be able to preserve the security of their assets and the people they are looking after.

In terms of assets, many hospitals have experienced problems with the control of drugs and expensive equipment which have been the target of thieves and criminals. As hospitals are traditionally busy environments, with low-key security protocols in place, they have increasingly been seen as easy targets by opportunistic thieves where there is low risk and high rewards.

A recent example of this is the rise in theft of nitrous oxide – commonly known as laughing gas – with theft of cylinders occurring at hospitals in East Kilbride, Bridlington, Crawley, Dumfries, Lincoln and Kidderminster in recent years. Despite being recently banned publicly under the Psychoactive Substances Act, laughing gas is now the second most popular recreational drug in the UK and therefore a high target for criminal drug gangs who have begun targeting hospitals.

However, it’s not just theft that is a concern for hospitals. There are also problems with assaults against both patients and hospital employees. A problem which has even led some hospitals such as Camden and Islington to employ a team of Local Hospital Liaison Officers to offer protection.

One of the key techniques that hospitals can employ to make their hospitals more secure is to install quality access control equipment. By using biometrics and other cutting-edge technology such as audio/visual intercom they can lock down specific areas of the hospital where equipment, assets such as medical files, important hospital infrastructure or vulnerable patients can be kept safe from criminals.

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