10 ways to protect your premises against metal theft

clip_image002While the number of reported scrap metal thefts in the UK has dropped in recent years thanks to the introduction of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act, scrap metal continues to be a valuable source of income for criminals.

The export value of lead, copper and other metals encourages criminals to regularly break into premises such as schools, construction sites, churches, offices, abandoned buildings and other public sites to strip metals and later sell them on to scrap dealers for a significant fee.

At its height, scrap metal thieves were targeting as many as 1,000 commercial properties in the UK every week. So how can businesses and commercial sites protect themselves?

  1. Have a risk assessment of your premises to work out which parts of your site hold valuable scrap metal and ensure that they are protected and monitored
  2. Make sure that any surplus of metal is hidden from view, or even painted a different colour so that it is camouflaged from thieves
  3. Install lighting in areas where criminals could potentially gain access
  4. Install CCTV as a deterrent and to aid in conviction after any incident
  5. Install heavy duty gates as a minimum. Choose from swing gates, sliding gates and bi-folding gates.
  6. Every site is different, but for those with heavy traffic throughout the day you might want to consider a turnstile, or an automatic barrier controlled by push-buttons, tokens, proximity cards or by on site manned guards.
  7. Property markers and signage, including invisible marking agents, are helpful in identifying metal that has been stolen and returning it to the owner
  8. Apply anti-climb paint to areas that allow thieves to access your roofing, for example drain pipes and guttering
  9. Clear away any bins, wheelbarrows, ladders or other moveable items which could be used by an intruder to gain access
  10. Encourage neighbouring businesses and nearby residents to report any suspicious activity to the police such as vans or workmen visiting outside of normal hours.

By employing as many of these techniques as possible you should be able to turn your business premises into a fortress which deters criminal activity and reduces the chances of your building being stripped by scrap metal thieves.

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