5 ways to secure a warehouse or distribution centre


Warehouses and distribution centres are a common target for burglary and theft, both internally and externally. This is in no small part down to the high quantities of valuable goods that are housed inside warehouses, often with original packaging which means that criminals can obtain a profitable sell-on price. Here are five robust ways that security can be improved.

1 – Access control
By using access control equipment you can limit access to items of a particularly high value, securing them with cages and providing keypad entry, card readers or even biometric fingerprint readers. You should also install CCTV and insist on a “two-person” rule, with no worker ever allowed to be left alone inside a cage, reducing the risk of internal theft.

2 – Automatic rising kerbs
A common way for thieves to escape after a burglary is by vehicle. A good plan to stop unauthorised vehicular access is to install an Automatic Rising Kerb. Gateway’s GA8000 utilises high quality hydraulic technology to provide ultimate security against HGV’s. It can also be used to prevent employee’s personal vehicles from being driven into shipping and receiving areas.

3 – Gates
One of the strongest physical deterrents that you can put in place to ward off criminals is a gate. Here at Gateway we provide three key types of gates which include swing gates, sliding gates and bi-folding gates.

4 – Turnstiles
Another good way to monitor who is coming and going from your warehouse or distribution site is to install full-height or waist-height turnstiles. This can eliminate the chances of tailgating – a popular method used to gain access to a restricted site.

5 – Barriers
Warehouses and distribution centres are likely to experience lots of traffic with high numbers of vehicles visiting the site throughout the day. However it is important that access is controlled, so you are able to keep records of who is visiting your site, as well as making sure that entry is permitted, for example by checking the identification of drivers before allowing them to gain entry. Gateway’s fully automatic barriers are a perfect solution for controlling entry and they can be controlled via push-buttons, tokens, proximity cards, CCTV or by on-site security guards. For a more cost effective solution manual barriers are also available.

Gateway Automation can help owners of warehouses and distribution centres to develop a 360 security strategy for their sites. We provide free, no-obligation quotations and feasibility surveys in order to find the best solution to security needs. For more information please visit our website https://gatewayautomation.co.uk/ or call us on 01522 682 255.

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