3 types of security gates you should know about

imageSecurity gates are used widely across public, private and commercial settings to protect against unwanted access. Often, once businesses have risk assessed their properties, security gates are high on their agenda and here at Gateway we offer 3 key types that you should know about.

1 – Swing gates
Swing gates are a traditional form of gate which protect against unwanted intruders, or unauthorised access.

These types of gates are particularly versatile and are used at all kinds of properties, including schools, businesses and private sites.

In order for a swing gate to be installed there needs to be enough room for the gate to open and ground needs to be level so as to avoid catching.

The GA9600 Automatic Swing Gate meets all the necessary legislation and its control panel is neatly housed away adding to its professional appearance.

Swing gates are a traditional form of gate which protect against unwanted intruders, or unauthorised access.

2 – Sliding gates
Sliding gates are a perfect solution for properties or sites where there is a shortage of space and a swing gate might not be able to achieve its full arc when opening.

Sliding gates open horizontally and are more difficult to force open through impact from a vehicle.

We offer two types of cantilever sliding gates in the form of the GA9000 Automatic Sliding Gate and the 6A9000M Manual Sliding Gate.

3 – Bi-folding gates
A third option is bi-folding gates which are also known as speed gates as they can open and close very quickly. This can be important for high-security areas where the risk of tailgating needs to be minimized or areas where there will be high levels of traffic.

Our GA9500 Bi-Folding Trackless Speed Gate opens typically at more than twice the speed of a traditional swinging gate and can be fitted with spiked tops, warning lights and sirens if required.

There is no such thing as one-size fits all when it comes to perimeter security and here the type of gate solution that you opt for will very much come down to your site’s specific requirements.

Here at Gateway we offer free feasibility surveys to help assess your requirements. We also provide non-obligation quotes. Click here to arrange a call back or click here to download our free brochure.

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