Why your property will benefit from intercom security

clip_image002Internal communication systems can go a long way to helping your business or home more secure. The type which suits your needs best depends on whether you need to admit visitors regularly or if it’s simply a closed site.

Anyone can walk into your property if you have an open door policy, the risks of which could pose a direct threat to your home or business, with you being unaware of who is in your building at any time. To prevent this, many companies or home owners choose to fit door security. Using an intercom system will manage who you give access to, enabling you to be aware of who is on your property at any time.

There are different models of intercoms out there; audio intercoms and video intercoms are generally the models that are more popular and effective.

clip_image004Intercoms don’t just improve security, they can also be used around the property to communicate. Another benefit of intercom is that there is no need for a receptionist to be at front of house at all times.

By increasing the security of your property potential insurance costs could also be improved by taking into account the lengths you have gone to protect your business or home, and acknowledgement of precautions being taken to prevent the targeting of any property and equipment. View our intercom systems here.

Gateway Automation can provide free, no obligation quotes and feasibility surveys for your premises to assess your security requirements, contact us here.

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