Managing traffic using sunken flow plates

clip_image002Sunken flow plates are a cost-effective method designed to manage mono-directional flow of traffic, encouraging one-way flow of vehicles and the prevention of vehicles entering if travelling from the opposing direction.

This simple yet effective system of vehicle management allows an alternative method of traffic control without the need for on-site management. Sunken flow plates are ideal for car parks, goods-loading yards, bus lanes, one-way directional traffic and the prevention of residential areas being used as rat-runs for non-residential traffic.

The steel construction is activated by the vehicle, working on a pivot which self-returns to its original upright position. The box section is embedded into the ground, whilst the gravity operated rising plate allows a vehicle to pass over in one direction only – as soon as the vehicle has cleared the box, gravity ensures the immediate return of the restrictor plate to the raised position again.

Gateway flow plates have built-in noise reduction buffers to ensure quiet operation, preventing the metal crashing back into position.

Surface flow plates are available in two formats: sunken flow plate which is built into the road, and surface flow plate which are bolted to the road surface so no excavation is required.

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