Risk assessing your premises

clip_image002[4]Crime threatens all kinds of premises, whether it be business or residential, with criminals finding ever more sophisticated methods of breaking and entering.

An integrated approach to the security of your premises is essential these days, so a risk assessment will help you identify any potential threats you could be victim to and the likelihood. With this in mind its always advisable to identify your premise’s vulnerabilities and the potential impact of exploitation.

Consider what your current security measures are like, and whether there are processes in place to support protection of not only the premises but any employees or residents within the property. If you need to introduce additional security measures then make it more cost effective by planning wherever possible: introduce new equipment in conjunction with building work, in multi occupancy buildings, such as shopping centres or business parks, try to agree communal security arrangements.

Look at the access areas of your premises, make sure that they are adequately lit and secured, and where necessary install CCTV. Protect windows and doors with strong locks, or look at shutters or grills can be installed. For any communal parking areas look at fitting security gates or barriers, they can provide an extra layer of security in order to prevent illegal entry to business or residential premises.

Crimes are constantly changing with criminals finding more sophisticated methods of breaking into premises, so ensure that your security methods remain up to the challenge and carry out regular audits around the property.

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